Definitions for "partitioning"
Specifically the separation of certain radionuclides from other wastes so that they may be subjected to transmutation.
Is a series of physical and chemical separation processes which separate different radionuclides from a mixture, in order to permit their segregated treatment.
(n.) process of restructuring a program or algorithm into independent computational segments. The goal is to have multiple processors simultaneously work on these independent computational segments.
To electronically segment or separate the hard drive of a computer or a database into different sections or components. Partitioning typically is done for performance reasons.
The act of breaking a hard drive up into one or more pieces, or "partitions."
Separation by the creation of a boundary that divides or keeps apart.
The tendency of a chemical to be divided or "partitioned" between the solid phase and the liquid phase of the sediment. The coefficient that quantifies the extent of this porcess is called the partition coefficient (often designated by p or
Partitioning is the presentation of the useable storage capacity of a disk or array to an operating environment in the form of several virtual disks whose aggregate capacity approximates that of the underlying disk or array. Partitioning is useful with hosts, which cannot support the full capacity of a large disk or array as one device. It can also be used administratively, for example, to create administrative boundaries within large quanta of data.
Distribution of chlorine between ac tive compounds that destroy ozone and reservoirs that are inert toward ozone.
Division of a coverage into smaller regular parts. If this coverage is represented by a vector structure then the topology should be reconstructed appropriately.
Partitioning is the process of splitting a disk up into several smaller sections, or partitions. Each partition is treated as an independent filesystem.
Splitting of target data into smaller units.
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Feature of the Oracle Database to store data in partitions (or sub-tables).
Feature of the Oracle Database that allows a data in a table to stored in different partitions (or sub-tables).
An analysis into mutually exclusive categories.
a way of looking at markets in terms of how consumers categorize products in relationship to perceived characteristics of the category
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This is where a part of an active ingredient leaves the air or water say, where it was applied and enters the soil, whilst the rest remains. (See Active Ingredients).
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