Definitions for "Sectors"
The retail power market is commonly divided into several sectors for energy planning. These can include residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, public agency and street lighting.
Groupings of similar industrial / economic activities
Markets and indices are broken down into a series of separate sections. The top level of separate classification is the sector level. In the UK market these are resources, general industrials, consumer goods, services, utilities, financials and investment trusts. Each sector is further broken down into sub-sectors. The utility sector is made up of three sub-sectors: electricity, gas distribution and water. The purpose of sectors and sub-sectors is to facilitate analysis of sector performance and of stock performance within sectors.
Grouping of companies having similar products or services.
Traditionally, Jesuit apostolic ministries are grouped into one of three sectors: higher education, secondary and pre-secondary, and social-pastoral.
Units of data on a CD-ROM of DVD-ROM disc containing 2048 bytes of data plus header information.
The minimum track length that can be allocated to store data. This is usually (but not always) 512 bytes.
The way the harddrive groups bytes together so it can use them.
Stocks share similar business backgrounds tend to move together. Sectors broadly classify stocks based on major business categories and group them together at a top level.
Unit trusts and OEICs are divided into a variety of categories, known as sectors, to keep together funds of a similar type so that investors can compare funds with similar objectives and investment strategies. Categories include ‘Money market' funds, ‘European' funds, ‘North American' funds etc.
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The squares on the 16 by 16 grid. You can freely travel to any sector in a system, except for the sectors located around stars. We're not sure about those sectors yet, but we will figure out soon enough if we can use them eventually.
Subdivisions of the incident command that place specific tasks or areas of the scene under direction for individuals who report to command.