Definitions for "PDS"
Partitioned Data Set. A data set organization for holding collections of related records in groups called "members".
Partitioned Data Set - A data set organization for holding records in groups called "members". Typically used to store source members. May sometinmes be referred to as a library. For additional information about managing PDS's refer to the following URL
Primary Data Set for USDA Nationwide Food Surveys. No longer a separate database, but part of SR.
Pattern Design System. a CAD based system used to manipulate and draft patterns.
see Pattern Design System
Performance and Development System
pigment dispersion syndrome. liberation of iris pigment, due to a rubbing of the posterior iris by zonular fibers, and movement of the pigment through the pupil, into the anterior chamber, and into the irido-corneal angle; eventually can block aqueous outflow through the angle, elevating intraocular pressure and resulting in pigmentary glaucoma; often seen (through a biomicroscope) as a granular brown vertical band along the corneal endothelium (known as Krukenberg's spindles), as well as pigment dusting on the lens, the surface of the iris and at Schwalbe's line; typically encountered in young, white males between the ages of 20 and 40 years
Partei des Demokratischen Sozialismus
Professional Development Scheme (awarded by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development)
Packet Driver Specification - A defined driver structure usually used in conjunction with a higher level protocol (e.g.: TCP/IP)
Provider Development and Support, a NZQA business group. Back to A-Z menu
Power Distribution Skid
Publications Distributions Center, University of Michigan Press
Protected distribution system. A wireline or fiber-optics system which includes adequate acoustic, electrical, electromagnetic, and physical safeguards to permit its use for the unencrypted transmission of classified information.
Personal decontamination site
A form that the seller completes disclosing general and structural details; the seller is responsible for the accuracy of the answers on the form as it constitutes a representation under any Contract of Purchase and Sale if so agreed, in writing, by the seller and the buyer
Paid During Service. A source in which the agency sells a subscription to a group of magazines to a consumer, who agrees to be billed monthly for the life of the subscription. Today, the sale is usually by phone and the billing by mail, instead of in person, as in the past.
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Please Don't Shoot
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Personal Dental Services
Parcel> Delivery Service
Payment Delivery System
Program Documentation Standard
Permanent Duty Station - where you are permanently assigned