Definitions for "ISC"
Internet Steering Committee
The University's Information Systems Committee
Implementation Steering Committee
When the user performs catheterisation on themselves as and when they need to empty their bladder. An expression sometimes used instead of CIC or SIC.
Intersystem communication. A CICS architecture and software which enables communication between CICS regions and between CICS and non-CICS regions on different operating system images.
the error messages in Interbase start with ISC and people often speak about ISC. This is no more than Interbase SW Corporation, a semi independent company owned by Borland that finally was absorbed by Borland in 1998. Ultimately, ISC is going to relive with the Open Source project for Interbase.
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Irish Sports Council
Independent Schools Council.
Internet Sports Channel.
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(U.S.) Illinois Superconductor, Inc.
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Indian Subcontinent.
The Insurance and Superannuation Commission
contract between a carrier and a shipper that, if executed in trade from or to the United States, must be filed with the Federal Maritime Commission and must include port pairs, minimum quantity commitment, rate levees and duration.
Industrial Source Complex, a steady-state Gaussian plume model that can be used to assess pollutant concentrations from a wide variety of sources associated with an industrial complex.
Industrial Source Complex (air model)
International Seismological Center
An exchange used to switch traffic between different countries over international circuits.
This deliverable is updated as necessary.
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IMS Service Control
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Idle Speed Control (GM)
Inter-IC Sound. A protocol for transmitting digital audio data over a serial connection.
U.S. Army Information Systems Command
Institute Strike Clauses (insurance). See Institute Cargo Clauses.
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Index of Stream Condition
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See initial sequence controller.
Develops and distributes generic BIND software.
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Item Standardization Code