Definitions for "State Board of Education"
The duties of the State Board of Education are described in Article VII, Section 3 of Michigan's Constitution (1963). This section explains that leadership and general supervision over all public education, including adult education and instructional programs in state institutions, except as to institutions of higher education granting baccalaureate degrees, is vested in a State Board of Education. It shall serve as the general planning and coordinating body for all public education, including higher education, and shall advise the Legislature as to the financial requirements in connection therewith.
Coordinates public education in Florida and makes policy regarding public school operation, educational opportunities, rules, and standards. For the current State Board of Education member directory, please visit their website at
Board consisting of a Commissioner of Education and seven appointed members which oversees Florida's education from kindergarten through graduate school (K-20). The Florida Board of Governors coordinates the State University System and supports the role of the individual University Boards of Trustees.