Definitions for "Bibliographies"
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Reader's guide to music : history, theory, criticism / editor, Murray Steib. Good place to start for the first time; gives lists of the basic books in the subject and explains what each one does.
lists of sources that you have used to write a report or do a project
example 1. A selected list of additional reading materials, chosen for their importance and comprehensiveness. See: Finding Background Information. 2. A bibliography, or list of works cited, is a complete list of all the sources you used in your research, even if you don't cite anything specific from every source you used in your paper. See: Citing your Research.
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see citation
Bibliographies and links to on-line bibliographies supply more than 100 reference resources on warehousing and logistics.
are collections of materials on a variety of topics produced by the Digital Reference Team at the Library of Congress.