Definitions for "Murray"
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Murray the Hippo (also called "The Murray", although more by himself than anyone else.) is a fictional hippo featured in the Sly Cooper video game series for the Play Station 2. He has no known surname in any of the games, although he is often referred to as "Murray the Hippo" or "Murray Hippo" when full names are listed, a long going tradition in animation by having the characters' species be their last name. He is voiced by Chris Murphy throughout the games, although many note that Murphy's tone of voice when portraying the character changes with each game.
Scottish philologist and first lexicographer of the Oxford English Dictionary (1837-1915)
an southeast Australian river; flows westward and then south into the Indian Ocean at Adelaide
Murray is an American manufacturer of low-cost bicycles, using the one-piece crankset and welded steel tubing characteristic of this class of bicycle, commonly sold in department stores rather than bicycle stores.
a disc jockey continually reliving one day in his life
British classical scholar (born in Australia) who advocated the League of Nations and the United Nations (1866-1957)
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a delicatessen that sells a wide range of co
an accomplished picture editor, sound designer, composer/music teacher