Definitions for "Big Red"
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1. cinnamon-flavored chewing gum, with 1980s advertisements featuring suspiciously wholesome white couples making out to the jingle 'kiss a little longer / longer with big red.' 2. gargantuan down-filled parka issued by the CDC (clothing distribution center) and modeled by co-worker kris at left. worn at mcmurdo station (polies have green parkas). piled in mounds at indoor events such as parties, sometimes ending up 'lost' and then sold on eBay. has pockets large enough to hold jimmy hoffa and a roll of mentos. I don't have a big red because the small size they offered me at the CDC was too big, so I opted for the brown Carhartt parka instead. it makes me feel like a total badass, and it's easy to find at parties.
Big Red is an artificially flavored cinnamon chewing gum made by Wrigley's. The brand was released in 1975. If you lick the wrapper of a stick of Big Red, and place it on your skin, holding it down for about a minute, a chemical reaction causes redness and irritation on the affected area.
Big Red is a soft drink that was created by Grover C. Thomsen in Waco, Texas (1937). Originally, it was known as "Sun Tang Red Cream Soda."
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Refers to Phar Lap
Refers to either of two famous chestnut-colored horses: Man o' War or Secretariat
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a natural with the steak