Definitions for "Bill Campbell"
Bill Campbell is the current Chairman of the Board and former CEO of Intuit Inc. He formerly worked for Apple Computer (as VP of Marketing), Claris (as CEO), and GO Corporation (as CEO).
Bill Campbell (born 1953 in Raleigh, North Carolina), is an American politician, a member of the Democratic Party, and served as mayor of Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 1994 to 2002. Campbell was the fifty-seventh mayor in the city's history and the third African American to hold the office. In 1960, a seven-year-old Bill Campbell was the first black student to attend an all-white school in Raleigh, NC.
William J. Campbell (born April 8 1942) is a Republican politician from California. A former California State Assembly Republican Leader, he has served on the Orange County Board of Supervisors since 2003 (and was its Chairman from January 4 2005–January 9 2007).