Definitions for "Billabong"
In Australia, a blind channel leading out from a river; -- sometimes called an anabranch. This is the sense of the word as used in the Public Works Department; but the term has also been locally applied to mere back-waters forming stagnant pools and to certain water channels arising from a source.
A body of water which remains from a sealed off bend of a river
A freshwater section of river which is usually isolated by falling water levels during the dry season.
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a watering hole made famous by an old aussie song.
What Australians call a watering hole, but to everyone else it is one of the largest surfing equipment and clothing manufacturers out there.
Billabong is a clothing brand and public company traded on the Australian Stock Exchange—as Billabong International—since 11 August, 2000. As well as the Billabong brand-name, the company sells surfwear under the Palmers Surf, Honolua Surf, Von Zipper brands,Kustom footwear, Nixon Watches brands, as well as Element skate clothing and hardware at surf and skateboard locations such as Ron Jon Surf Shop. Products from this brand are available globally.