Definitions for "Channelization"
The artificial enlargement, straightening, or realignment of a stream channel.
the modification of a channel by clearing, excavation, realignment, lining, or other means to increase its capacity for water flow.
The process of changing and straightening the natural path of a waterway.
Capability of transmitting independent signals together over a cable while still maintaining their separate identity for later separation.
The separation or regulation of conflicting traffic movement into definite paths of travel by the use of pavement markings, raised islands, or other suitable means, to facilitate the safe and orderly movement of both vehicles and pedestrians.
The process of subdividing the bandwidth of a circuit into smaller increments called channels. Typically, each channel carries an individual transmission, e.g., a voice conversation, a data conversation, or a computer-to-computer session. This process is accomplished through a multiplexer, such as dense wavelength division multiplexers.
management through specified channels of communication