Definitions for "BILLETS"
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Semi-finished steel forms that are used for the production of long products. Billets generally have square cross-sectional areas compared to blooms and slabs, which generally have larger aspect ratios. Billets can be produced from a caster or rolled from a bloom. NatSteel Asia produces most of the billets it consumes in-house with continuous casting technology. Only a small proportion of billets (special grades) are purchased from international steel manufacturers. In-house production of billets provides flexibility in terms of material properties and production yield optimisation.
Mostly square steel shapes in the range of 50mm x 50mm to 125mm x 125mm. They may be semi-finished or finished products depending on the customer. Blooms are rolled into billets.
places where soldiers stayed when not in the trenches – could be farmhouses, cottages, tents etc
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tickets SBB Swiss Federal Railways
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Straps by which the girth is attached to the saddle.
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Pieces of small diameter round timber cut to length.
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bank notes