Definitions for "Biomarker"
(sometimes referred to as a metabolomic biomarker) is a biochemical characteristic that can be used to diagnose and measure the progress of disease.
molecular, biochemical, cytogenetic or histological changes that precede the development of cancer and that provide evidence for an increased risk of cancer in those individuals exhibiting a high frequency of the biomarker.
A molecular marker associated with a biological function.
A substance sometimes found in the blood, other body fluids, or tissues that can be used to assess the presence of cancer.
signal of the presence of something in the body
a gene that is turned on in the presence of disease such as ovarian cancer," he explains
A biomarker can be understood as a molecule that is present (or absent) from a particular cellular type. This facilitates the characterization of a cell type, their identification, and eventually their isolation. Cell sorting techniques are based on cellular biomarkers (for example, Fluorescent-activated cell sorting).
a chemical which is found in the body which can be measured to determine if an individual has been exposed to a specific organism
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certain proteins that, when present, determines the type of cell.