Definitions for "Blockbuster"
originally referred to a large bomb that would destroy an entire city block during World War II; now in common usage, an impactful movie that is a huge financial success - usually with box-office of more than $200 million (the new benchmark by the early 2000s, after the original mark was $100 million) upon release in North America; ticket lines for blockbusters literally go around the 'block'; also known as box-office hit; the term may also refer to a costly film that must be exceptionally popular in order to recoup its expenses and make a profit; the opposite of a blockbuster is a bomb, flop, or turkey. Examples: The term was first applied to Steven Spielberg's Jaws (1975), often acknowledged as the first blockbuster; James Cameron's Titanic (1997) was also a massive blockbuster hit.
Huge Block Lettering of a writers name or their crews name, usually consisting of two colors, ussually done to go over tags, or other writers and crews works, used a lot just to get recognized, you know to look like your big time! Mainly invented to cover whole trains easily. Blockbusters are ussually done using a paint roller and a lot of paint, another purpose is to make it so huge that it can be seen from a long distance. "special" toy tip: Buy a paint roller, go to home depot and buy the huge paint buckets of the colors they fucked up on when mixing. It is a lot cheaper and you can have a lot more blockbusters floating around that way
a large bomb used to demolish extensive areas (as a city block)
Blockbuster Inc. is one of the largest chains of video tape, video game and DVD rental shops in the world. It is headquartered at Renaissance Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas, and has locations in twenty-nine countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Australia (rumoured to have sold its franchising business to its biggest rival "Video Ezy" January 2007), the UK, New Zealand, Israel, Brazil, Chile, Taiwan, Italy, Colombia, and formerly, Spain and Thailand.
Blockbuster is the name of three fictional characters in the DC Comics Universe. The first one was primarily a foe of Batman and Robin, while the second frequently fought Nightwing. The latest Blockbuster first appeared in the pages of the series 52 wherein he is directed into battle against Lex Luthor's team of superheroes, Infinity Inc..
Blockbuster (Michael Baer) is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe created by Chris Claremont and Michael Golden. His first appearance was in Uncanny X-Men #210.
A popular and long-running shell effect candle by Vulcan which became the standard against which most 28-30mm candles have been judged. Largely superceeded in recent years by better and cheaper alternatives.
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A drug which generates annual market sales of more than U.S. $ 1 billion.
drug with $1 billion or more in sales.
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a treatment that guides motorists from a two-way street to a one-way street through channelization of a portion of the roadway to guide vehicles away from opposing traffic and into the appropriate travel lane of the two-way street
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(slang) a very powerful hand; powerhouse.
an Experimental Technology, patent held by The Corporation
a real estate agent who sells a house in an all-white neighborhood to a minority, especially black, family