Definitions for "Boning"
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Boning is plastic paneling strips beneath the clothes to add support and give the body added sculpt and shape.
The word bone is used to describe the stiffening stays and supports of the corset. Steel was not very suitable, since flexible steel could not be manufactured until the twenteith century. Modern corsets are boned with spring steel. The boning plays a very important part in the corset: It helps to keep the fabric stretched out, so that the constriction is even from top to bottom. It also aids in stiffening, although the fabric can also be stiffened by itself, as it was in the 1870s and 1880s. Last, but not least, the boning (especially those in the front busk keeps the body of the wearer erect.
a construction technique providing extra support, most often in a fitted bodice
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The clearing of bones from fish or meat.
Preparation process which removes bones from meat, poultry, game or fish.
Taking the bones from meat or poultry, cutting the flesh as little as possible, so that it can be rolled or stuffed.
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A method of leveling a line or surface by sighting along the tops of two or more straight edges, or a range of properly spaced poles. See 3d Bone, v. t.
the operation to align or level angles, lines or objects by purely visual means. It is performed by placing two parallel straight edges on an object, and sighting on their upper edges to see if they range.
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The manuring of land with bones.
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Charging a lot more for an asset than its worth.
Charging a lot more for an asset than it's worth.
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Book Entry Book entry securities
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Slang for sexual intercourse.