Definitions for "Break point"
Keywords:  sooner, lane, hook, greatest, bowling
The point at which the ball makes a turn towards the pocket.
point at which adsorbent no longer meets required removal efficiencies in the effluent (Clark, 1989).
Place on the lane where the ball begins to hook toward the pins.
Keywords:  debugger, vba, executed, pause, stop
a command for the debugger to stop the execution of the program before executing a specific source line
a line in the script at which the script stops running
a point specified by the debugger at which the program performs a test and then, depending on the result, continues executing or stops execution until the debugger allows it to continue
Keywords:  debugging, want, begin, tracking, code
a location, such as a line in the source code, where a software developer may want to begin debugging or tracking
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The dollar value of new capital that can be raised before an increase in the firm's weighted average cost of capital occurs.
The dollar amount of an investment at which you would receive a reduced sales charge.
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