Definitions for "KICK POINT"
Keywords:  flex, clubhead, trajectory, shaft, bend
Also, Flex Point. The point in the shaft where the degree of bending is greatest. It determines the ball's launch angle. A lower flex point creates more loft because the " kick" is nearer the clubhead. Better players need less help from the shaft. They create their own clubhead speed and kick and generally use shafts with higher flex points. Mid-to-high handicappers, seniors and women need more help getting the ball airborne so a lower flex point is to their advantage. Flex point has a direct bearing on trajectory and as a result determines how easy a club is to hit, or at least the golfer's perception of the ease or difficulty factor. Also, better players with smooth, flowing swings may benefit from softer shafts with lower flex points. Physically strong players who swing very hard, even if they aren't low handicappers, are probably better off with stronger shafts. As a general rule, most golfers use shafts that are too stiff.
The point of maximum bending of a shaft as measured by deflecting the tip end while the butt remains stationary.
(also "flex point") the point of maximum bending of a club's shaft, measured with the club in a horizontal position by securing the grip end of the club and hanging a standardized weight just above the club head Example: All else being equal, a lower kick point/flex point will produce a higher trajectory and vice versa.