Definitions for "Bulletin board service"
(BBS) ­ A forum for users to browse and exchange information. While they aren't part of the Internet, BBSs are accessible via a computer, modem, and phone line
A service that lets people make announcements, upload or download files and leave each other messages by computer. BBSs are different from the Internet in that you access them through the telephone network only, not through a computer network like Internet. There are many of them, mostly very small and run from just one computer.
A forum for users to browse and exchange information. Computer BBSs are accessible by telephone via a personal computer and a modem. Many BBSs are small operations run by a single person that allow only several users to log on at the same time. Some are much larger and allow hundreds of users to login simultaneously to use the system. Huge, commercial examples are America Online, CompuServe, and Prodigy. For example, please visit at
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A place on the network where public messages can be left and one message can reach all users. (Tele, Gr. 4)
A place where people can post and respond to messages on a particular topic.