Definitions for "Bulletin board system"
A computerized meeting and announcement system that allows people to carry on discussions, upload and download files, and make announcements without the people being connected to the computer at the same time. There are many (millions?) of BBSs around the world. Most are very small, running on a single IBM clone PC with 1 or 2 phone lines. Some are very large, and the line between a BBS and a system like CompuServe gets crossed at some point, but it is not clearly drawn. See electronic bulletin board.
(abbreviation: BBS) An open computer system that members can dial into in order to send email, join discussion groups, and download files. Since the 1970s, BBS's have provided an early means for home users to get online. Originally, BBS's were freestanding local systems, but now many provide access to Internet email, telnet, FTP, and other Internet services.
A computer system that enables computer users to access the system, send and receive e-mail messages, and get computer files.
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