Definitions for "bullshit"
a ludicrously false statement.
obscene words for unacceptable behavior; "I put up with a lot of bullshit from that jerk"; "what he said was mostly bull"
Bullshit (often abbreviated to BS) is a common expletive. Its meanings include unacceptable behaviour or ludicrously false representations. In a literal meaning, it means the excretion of feces from a bull.
Political Wheaties: the breakfast of champignons. There is a popular saying to the effect that "Capital perorates, and bullshit perambulates," but in Washington and on Wall Street the two are frequently seen sharing a limousine.
Bullshit is the more common name for a card game often described by the milder names "Butterscotch," "I doubt it", "Bull", or "Peanut Butter." It is also known by other euphemisms such as "BS", "Cheat", "Schmeat", " Bacon-Stripping", or by making up another name with the BS acronym. A dysphemistic alternative name is "YFL": "You Fucking Liar".
Bullshit, also known as who shit? and somebody shit in the parlor, is a drinking game that requires a minimum of four players. At the start of the game, each player chooses a kind of shit to represent him. Typically, the shit is some sort of animal shit such as "dog shit", "monkey shit", and so forth.
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to talk through one's hat.
talk through one's hat; "The politician was not well prepared for the debate and faked it"
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a total whore, and George and Cheney know it