Definitions for "Cabildo"
Communal societies established by free blacks and slaves that belonged to the same ethnic group.
(Sp.) Mutual aid societies established by slaves in Cuba.
Cabildos de nación were African ethnic associations created in Cuba in the late 1500s based on the Spanish cofradías (guilds or fraternities) that were organized in Seville for the first time around the XIV century. The Sevillian cofradías had the tutelage of a Catholic saint and were held in the saint’s chapel. The first cabildo in Cuba, called Cabildo Shango was created in Havana in 1568.
chapter or council
Colonial town hall; now replaced by Municipalidad.
(Spanish) City council.
Cabildo is an Argentine magazine which is considered the main press organ of nationalist Catholicism in the country. First published in the 1970s and then inactive during most of the 1990s, the magazine has become notorious for its xenophobic and anti-Semitic editorial line.
After the political arranging of the Indies, there was created the cabildo, institution that represented the jurisdictions of the urban populations.