Definitions for "Waterford"
Made in Waterford, Ireland, from 1729 to 1851 and from 1951 to the present, it is characterized by thick walls, deep geometric cutting, and bright polish. Early Waterford glass had a smoky, bluish gray color, considered a drawback (now a collectors item), so clear crystal was produced after 1830. Chandeliers with diamond-cut or scalloped branches, wall lamps, sconces, bowls, and vases were characteristic. Most of the glass prior to 1783 was blown glass, cutting was adopted in that year.
a port city in southern Ireland; famous for glass industry
Waterford ( or "haven from the wind-swept sea"; in Irish: Port Láirge) is a city in the Republic of Ireland. It is the primary city of the South East region, and the fifth largest in the country. Founded in 914 AD, by the Vikings, it is Ireland's oldest city.
Waterford Station will be a Miami-Dade Metrorail station located at Northwest Seventh Street and 65th Avenue in West Miami, Florida.