Definitions for "Canes"
cylinders built up by layering with different colours and shapes of glass and then extruded into very thin sticks and then usually cut into small cross sections. They are basic to most forms of paperweight-making.
Thin glass rods (clear or colored) used for making millefiori glass.
The cane dance is a women's dance. It originated by watching the men dance. The men would use sticks to fight in wars. They would do victory dances with the men. Women would copy the men when the men went off to war and use canes
The main stems of a rose plant
Previous season's growth from the arms or trunk of a grape plant; or, the supporting part of the raspberry plant, similar in function to the trunk of a tree.
Shoots that are mature and have attained all or most of their full length. They may be devoid of leaves and dormant. Dormant canes are previous season's annual growth.
adjustable height canes can improve balance and reduce fatigue. Travel canes can fold up and be carried in a travel case. Standard crook canes are lightweight and durable to help improve balance and reduce fatigue . Quad canes are used when there is a need for additional stability. Quad canes have a base with four legs affording greater stability than straight canes. Quad canes can be ordered with narrow or wide bases.
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