Definitions for "Dormant"
A large beam in the roof of a house upon which portions of the other timbers rest or " sleep."
When a geyser is not active, it is dormant.
When a seed falls to the ground and may lie there "asleep"
Currently without human hosts. The ancient Egyptian hieroglyph system and the Gnostic Gospels are examples of "dead" schemes which lay dormant for millennia in hidden or untranslatable texts, waiting to re-activate themselves by infecting modern archeologists. Some obsolete memes never become entirely dormant, such as Phlogiston theory, which simply mutated from a "belief" into a "quaint historical footnote."
Existing in a hidden form. Present, or capable of living or developing in a host, without producing visible symptoms of disease.
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A state in which the capacity for consciousness persists (the neo-cortex is intact) and where the body and lower brainstem are functioning but there is no consciousness. (As in certain kinds of coma, where administration of a drug can restore the person to consciousness.)
Dormant - Status given to a security previously added to your AutoVest Schedule through a one time or Real-time purchase. You may edit or delete this security at any time.
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Season when hardwood trees lose their leaves. This is generally from mid-October to mid-March.
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nutrient solution Sun
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No longer used.