Definitions for "Carer"
Keywords:  frail, neighbour, friend, unpaid, ill
Someone who has the day to day care of a child. This person may be a parent, an adoptive parent, a grandparent, an aunt or friend. Previously this person may have been called the custodian. The CSA legislation refers to this person as "eligible carer" or "payee".• Child Maintenance/Child Support• Stage 1 - Child Support• Stage 2 - Child Support
A Carer is someone who provides care and support for a parent, partner, child, relative or friend who has a disability, is frail aged, or who has a chronic mental or physical illness. Most people will either give or receive care at some time in their life. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS, 1998) estimates that there are 2.3 million Carers in Australia today, or one in every 5 households. Of these, about 500,000 are providing substantial or full-time care. Carers range in age from as young as nine to people well into their nineties but the majority (80%) are aged under 65. Two thirds of Carers are women and most Carers provide care for a parent, partner or child
A person providing care who is not employed to do so by an agency or organisation. A carer is usually a relative or friend looking after someone at home who is frail or ill; the carer can be of any age.