Definitions for "cash out"
Taking out a loan, generally a refinancing of real estate, in which the borrower secures a sufficient amount to pay off the existing loans and receives an amount in cash.
Any cash received after you refinance a loan for an amount larger than the remaining balance of your current mortgage.
receiving money back when refinancing your current mortgage.
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In online poker refers to withdrawing money from the poker room into a separate account.
Each Video Poker machine has a Cash Out button that drops the accumulated credits into the player's tray.
v., n. Exiting a game and exchanging chips for currency. "How much was your cashout?"
Exchange for cash.
This occurs when a security is delisted (removed) from the Exchange. MovieStocks of wide release films cash out after four weeks of wide release. MovieStocks of films which stay in limited release cash out after twelve weeks. An Option cashes out after a movie's first weekend of release.
choose a simpler life style after questioning personal and career satisfaction goals; "After 3 decades in politics, she cashed out and moved to Polynesia"
A pension plan may provide for the forfeiture of an accrued benefit where the plan provides for a cash out of an employee's benefits by making a lump-sum distribution to the employee. (Applicable only to the employee's nonforfeitable interest upon termination of service prior to retirement).
The total proceeds distributed by the fund to CalPERS, which may include both return of capital and gain distributions.
A situation that arises when receipts of gas into the pipeline do not match deliveries (see "balancing"). If a shipper over-delivers, the pipeline buys the excess volumes at a specified rate, usually below market rates. If a shipper under-delivers, the pipeline sells the deficient volumes to the shipper at a premium rate.
A switch that converts machine credits to cash or payable vouchers. The Cash Out switch on the player panel activates this machine function.
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Check: When it's a player's turn to act and there has been no action in front of them and he opts not to bet, he "checks."
(slang) cash all available immediate winners.
A cash withdrawal - where the transaction is not associated with a purchase of goods with a debit card; or cash back–where cash is "purchased" along with other goods.
Any funds disbursed directly to the borrower.
Time taken for respective program to pay your payment processor.
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Negative Cash Flow