Definitions for "CD-EXTRA"
Keywords:  multisession, rom, session, audio, disc
Alternative name for Enhanced Music CD s, which are multi-session CD s comprising a CD Audio session (with up to 98 tracks) followed by a single-track CD-ROM XA session, which contains the data. CD-EXTRA discs are compatible with all CD audio players (as the data session is not seen) and the data track can be played in a Windows 95 or 98 PC and/or a Macintosh depending on how the software was written.
a multisession CD featuring audio and data
A multisession disc containing a number of audio tracks in the first session, and one CD-ROM XA data track in the second session. Additional characteristics are defined in the Blue Book standard. An alternative to mixed-mode for combining standard CD-D audio (which can be played in a normal audio player), and a computer application, on a single disc. Also known as CD-Plus.