Definitions for "CD-R"
CD format that allows data to be recorded only once on the disc
Recordable CD used where small quantities are required. CD-R s allow data to be written either once only or in sessions for a multisession disc. This allows the data to be updated and/or added to until the disc is full. The data on a CD-R disc cannot be erased or re-written, hence their alternative name WORM ( Write Once Read Many) disc.
A compact disc that can be written on, but cannot be erased or reused. CD-R drives can play CD-ROMs.
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a writeable CD
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Centrino Colour Wax Printer CPU
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a CD that has been burned in small quantities and usually has a sticker label as opposed to a painted label or a bar code as with a professionally printed CD
a modern day equivalent of the old vinyl test pressing
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a CD that has already been through the manufacturing process