Definitions for "UDF "
UDF is the filesystem standard used by DVD-ROMs and "packet writing" software for CDRs and CDRWs, such as Adaptec's DirectCD. UDF is intended as a general replacement for ISO
Universal disc format. A system standard to replace the ISO 9660 used on CD-ROMs, but is mostly used on DVD (required for DVD-ROMs)
Universal Disk Format, the file system used for DVD and CD-RW disks.
User Defined Functions
Acronym for User-Defined Function This is a subroutine of code that can be written by the user and linked into Fluent’s general purpose CFD code solvers to perform certain custom operations such as initialization, special boundary conditions, new materials properties, source terms, reaction rates and postprocessing, and reporting enhancements.
User defined function. A WebSphere Studio term.
Unducted Fan. A turbine engine with the "fan" section enlarged and exposed for greater performance.
Un-Ducted Fan (GE)
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UHF direction finding.
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United Democratic Front
Urban Development Foundation