Definitions for "CFD"
Community Facilities District (example: A Mello-Roos CFD)
Mello-Roos Community Facilities District Under the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act of 1982 (§53311, et seq.), a legislative body may create within its jurisdiction a special tax district that can finance tax-exempt bonds for the planning, design, acquisition, construction, and/or operation of public facilities, as well as public services for district residents. Special taxes levied solely within the district are used to repay the bonds.
An abbreviation indicating a Mello-Roos Bond. The name refers to the taxing District that is set up to authorize the issuance of bonds, that will benefit from the financing, and from which special taxes will be collected for the bonds' repayment.
An abbreviation of contract for difference. An agreement to pay an amount based on the change in some underlying number, not necessarilly a security.... more on: CFD
Contract for difference. An OTC derivative, similar to a future, the value of which is determined by, for instance, the difference between an equity's current price and its future price, or as another example, the difference between one equity's price and that of another equity. For tax reasons, these instruments are especially popular in the U.K.
Contract for differences. A private contract arrangement between Pool member generators and Pool member suppliers, for the arrangement for the purchase of generated electricity.
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Compression Force Deflection. Also known as "compression load deflection (CLD)," it is a calculation of the load-bearing capability of a foam.
Compression Force Deflection. The determination of the resistance to compression of a flexible polyurethane foam sample when the entire surface area of the sample is compressed. Test method is described in ASTM D3574.
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Caisse Française de Développement
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CFV channel channel mode channel operator channel takeover ChanServ clone CTCP
Call for discussion. Important decisions concerning SorceryNet are made in a two stage process. It starts with a certain period for discussing the issue on the public mailinglist so people can form their opinion. This is called the CFD.
Computational Fluid Dynamic
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computional Fluid Dynamics. Computional Fluid Dynamics: Computers provide solutions to the problem of external airflow over vehicle shapes. The body of the configuration and the space surrounding it are represented by clusters of points, lines and surfaces; equations are solved at these points. CFD is divided into three steps. Grid generation, numerical simulation and post-process analysis
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The :Categories fordeletion page.
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(ft3/day) – cubic feet per day
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Call Forwarding- Default
Continuous Flow Distribution
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Certificate For Deposit
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Common Format Designer