Definitions for "CDSC"
Contingent deferred sales charge. Contingent immunization Contingent order
CONTINGENT DEFERRED SALES CHARGE. In certain classes of mutual funds, a charge is made against the net asset value of the fund if the fund is redeemed within a predetermined time period. This back-end sales charge generally is reduced each year that the fund is owned. These charges are generally waived if the fund is exchanged for a fund of the same issuer and the same class.
Contingent deferred sales charge. Fee that some mutual funds charge when you sell shares in the fund. The fee is based on the number of years that you remain in the fund. For example, you might pay a 5% charge if you sell within the first year, a lesser charge if you sell during the next four years, and no charge if you remain in the fund for five or more years. See also back-end load.
Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre
Communications Distribution & Switching Center (-" NASA Acronym List")