Definitions for "Management fee"
The compensation paid to the mutual fund manager by the fund company for managing the mutual fund and for supervision of the day-to-day administration and operations of the mutual fund.
This is the fee paid to the fund's portfolio manager(s). It usually ranges from .5 - 1 percent of the fund's asset value.
A charge paid to a mutual fund's managers for their services; usually also includes fund administration costs and investor relations. Typically a certain percentage of assets under management. see also expense ratio.
A fixed percentage (usually 20%) of the gross underwriting spread which accrues only to the managers.
A fixed amount calculated as a percentage of projected MTDC plus Applied Entity G&A costs
The amount charged by an independent company for the day to day management of a property. Typically based upon a percentage of the properties income.
An amount of money charged for managing a property – collecting the rent, arranging maintenance etc.