Definitions for "CFL "
Compact fluorescent lamp. A family of single-ended fluorescent discharge light sources with small-diameter [16-millimeter (5/8-inch) or less] tubes.
COMPACT FLUORESCENT LAMP. A generic name used for a whole family of small, single-ended fluorescent lamps with a folded, bridged, or spiral glass tube design and with high color rendering (cri80) and a long life (8,000 hours).
Compact Fluorescent Lamp the lamps/bulbs are designed to take the place of standard incandescent lamps/bulbs saving energy costs by producing more light with less energy.
Abbreviation for Courant–Friederichs–Lewy condition.
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CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Canada's equivalent of the NFL; the association of Canadian professional football teams from various cities in that nation.
The Canadian Football League (CFL) is a professional sports league located in Canada that plays Canadian football.
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Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois
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Calcaneo-fibular ligament.
CFL is a C library that simplifies systems software development on UNIX. The library includes functions for memory management, string parsing, sub-process execution, filesystem traversal, I/O, interfaces to IPC mechanisms including pseudo-terminals, shared memory, semaphores, and other facilities.
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California FarmLink
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Commercial Fisherman's Licence
Minnesota Department of Children Families and Learning
Computers For Learning
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coordinated fire line