Definitions for "PAR Lamps"
Parabolic Aluminized Reflector Lamp. Constructed of hard glass with a separate back reflector and front legs that are fused together. PAR lamps may be line or low voltage and can be used unprotected outdoors.
Lamps (bulbs) with parabolic aluminized reflectors that give exacting beam control. There are a number of beam patterns to choose from, ranging from wide flood to very narrow spot. PAR lamps can be used outdoors due to their thick glass, which holds up in severe weather conditions.
Usually halogen lamps, means parabolic reflector lamps. A lamp fixed within a parabolic reflector, a lamp system that can use incandescent, halogen and HMI lamp types. Numeric portion of PAR description indicates actual parabolic reflector diameter size in 1/8th inch units (example: PAR 64 is a lamp whose diameter is 64/8th inch or 8 inches). Example: PAR 36, 38, 46, 56 and 64 types.