Definitions for "chains"
Large companies that own many bookstores under the same name. The two biggest chains in U.S. bookselling are Barnes & Noble and Borders. A "superstore" carries 100,000 or more titles and can include a coffee shop and other amenities.
Companies that own many individual bookstores. The two biggest in bookselling are Barnes & Noble and Borders. They contrast with the independents.
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metal shackles connected by chains, used to bind hands or legs; as, he was kept two weeks in chains.
Erotic appeal drawn from chains, manifested in ornamentation (dog collars, etc.), in bondage activities (shackling legs together, etc.) or as leads and other symbols of "ownership" (dog-leash).
metal shackles; for hands or legs
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"Chains" is a song performed by The Beatles on their first album Please Please Me. It was composed by the Brill Building husband-and-wife songwriting team, Gerry Goffin and Carole King and was a minor hit for Little Eva’s backing singers, The Cookies, and later covered by Buddy Holly.
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Large link chains are a nuisance to make as the links tend to stick together, not worn, but usually displayed. GGNJ p.203
the 10-yard long chain that is used by the chain crew to measure for a new series of downs.
Two orange and black covered sticks which are separated by 10 yards and connected by a metal chain. When the ball is marked on the field, one end of the stick is placed at this point, and the other end is stretched out to the full 10 yards to indicate where the offense needs to go to reach the first down.
A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions hotels, motels, restaurants, or other business establishments having multiple locations (i.e., Holiday Inn, Best Western, Bonanza Sirloin Pits, etc.). (See Stock Design).
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Chains is an episode of the BBC sitcom Blackadder.
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Another name for Fire Poi. Chain is used as the cord. see make fire chains , Simon Marquis Poi construction , other wick options
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Metal straps or chains bolted to the ship's side to which the standing rigging to support masts is attached.
platform or a general area on either side of forward part of a ship where leadsman stands as he or she takes soundings.
Chains & Chain Accessories; including Roller Chain, Industrial, Steel, Conveyor, Timing & Brass Chains; Chain Sprocket & Sprockets
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Whether your dream featured your own, someone else's, or unattached chains, you will soon be free of all your worries.
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If more then one property is being sold the purchaser/vendor of the properties are in a chain. E.g. If the purchaser needs the proceeds from the sale of his present property to enable him to complete the purchase of his new property then a chain has been created. If a First time buyer is buying an empty house then there is no chain involved. Please note the number of houses in a chain can be from 2 to any number.
This occurs when a series of events are dependent on a single transaction. When one link breaks down, all further activities are adversely affected.