Definitions for "Change Agent"
Keywords:  lean, queue, batch, captology, cultural
Someone who will lead the company from the traditional manufacturing mentality to becoming a Lean organization. This person may come from within or outside the company.
A person whose demonstrated mission is to move from the now state, or batch and queue, to the future ideal state: lean manufacturing. One who leads cultural change in an organization.
The catalytic force moving firms and value streams out of the world of inward-looking batch-and-queue.
an individual who is responsible for taking a leadership role in managing the process of change
Role of technology facilitators and school library media coordinators who act as catalysts for educational reform by providing leadership and by being proactive in directing and overseeing the change process.
an individual who attempts to influence clients' innovation-decisions in a direction that is deemed desirable by a change agency
a person or group who take on responsibility for changing the existing pattern of behaviour of another person or a social system
An individual who purposively seeks to bring about a change in the behaviour of a target group of people in a direction deemed desirable by a change agency.
a person who facilitates collaboration between different subsystems in the larger suprasystem, for example between the parents, students, teachers and administrators in planning a new educational system for a their community
Collaborative Planning Computer platform
a person who has the clout, the conviction, and the charisma to make things happen and keep people actively engaged in the change process
Groups or individuals who use their skills and relationships to lead and implement change in an organization.
An agency employee designated to serve as a point-of-contact between the agency and Washington Works' projects, and as coordinator of efforts to implement the projects within the agency.
A person who leads a change project or business-wide initiative by defining, researching, planning, building business support and carefully selecting volunteers to be part of a change team.
a person, organization, or institution that changes or helps to change the beliefs, values, attitudes or behavior of people without their knowledge or consent