Definitions for "Adaptability"
Birds' ability to alter behavior, eating, and other features of their lives in response to changes in environment is known as adaptability. Adaptable birds like house sparrows are able to survive in many different habitats, while more static species are typically not as successful.
Adjusts planned work by gathering relevant information and applying critical thinking to address multiple demands and competing priorities in a changing environment.
the ability to change or be changed to fit changed circumstances
The user must be able to specify an alternate user interface at execution time on the command line. Any alternate user interface must be able to "plug in" at run time without recompiling the application. Any alternate user interface must implement the HangmanUI interface provided by Dr. Dalbey (see External Interfaces).
The ease with which software satisfies differing system constraints and user needs.
The ease with which an algorithm, rule-based system, or neural network developed for a given geographic location can be modified to perform equally well with input data from another location.
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The extent to which the innovation can foster new styles.
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The quality of being adaptable; suitableness.