Definitions for "conditioning"
The process of preparing the patient to receive stem cells for transplant. This is often done through the use of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
Treatment to prepare a patient for a bone marrow transplant
Treatment with high-dose chemotherapy, and sometimes with high-dose radiation therapy, to prepare a patient for bone marrow transplantation or peripheral blood stem cell transplantation.
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The natural carbonation that occurs when a beer is allowed to mature. Warm conditioning is often used with ales to bringing out the complexities of flavour. Cold conditioning is usually reserved for lager beers to clean and round the taste.
Period of maturation that increases a beer's natural carbonation. Warm conditioning enhances the complexity of the flavor; cold conditioning elicits a clear, clean taste.
The process of adding a fermentable sugar to beer in order to achieve a desired level of carbonation. Also called priming. See also bottle conditioning and bulk conditioning. Word or Phrase Meaning
a learning process in which an organism's behavior becomes dependent on the occurrence of a stimulus in its environment. See conditioned response.
Repeated use of a specific stimulus in order to create a predictable and controlled response in another person. Conditioning is used in behaviour modification.
Reflexive or automatic response transfers to an unrelated stimulus/behavior. see also Operant Conditioning, Classical Conditioning, Garcia Conditioning
Subjecting a material to a prescribed environmental and/or stress history before testing.
In kiln drying, conditioning refers to a process for relieving stresses present in wood at the end of drying by exposing it to high temperature and high humidity.
standardisation of the moisture content of grains or oilseeds before milling.
The "terms" of the wager. Normally written on the ticket. Generally refers to wagers other than straight ticket plays.
the act of making notations in the right margin of a Keno ticket to indicate the type(s) of bets(s) the player wishes to make
The process of writing out notes on a keno ticket, in order to clarify the types of wagers being made.
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(1) To bring to a standard. (2) Addition of equipment to voice grade lines to provide for data transmissions at specified minimum values of line characteristics, in ranges from C1 to C4 (the best). [Common carriers often recommend no conditioning for lines transmitting at 1200 baud; C1 for 2400 baud, C2 for 4800 baud and C4 for speeds above 4800 baud.
The addition of equipment to leased voice-grade lines to provide specified minimum values of line characteristics required for data transmission, for example, equalization and echo suppression. See also: echo suppression and voice-grade channel.
Extra-cost options that users may apply to leased, or dedicated, voice-grade telephone lines in which line impedances are carefully balanced; will generally allow for higher-quality and/or higher speed data transmission; in increasing order of resultant line quality and cost, conditioning may be C1, C2, C4, or D1; allows improved line performance with regard to frequency response and delay distortion.
A procedure that prepares produce for display and sale through proper handling techniques (such as trimming excess leaves on greens). Conditioning maintains the appearance and eating quality of perishables.
Process to eliminate superficial defects of a semi-finished product before final hot transformation. Generally carried out by grinding.
the preparation of polymer clay before use. Polymer clay must be kneaded or made pliable before use to allow the molecules in the clay to align properly for stretching.
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Exemption obtained by a candidate of CPA Examination from writing one section / part or more is called Conditioning. Most states allow re-appearing candidates to sit ONLY for those papers/ sections they have not passed. It is not required to get a minimum score in the failed sections for obtaining conditioned status. Credits / conditioned status earned by the candidates in Pencil-Paper CPA Exam will be transferred to the Computer Based Exam as given below: Credits earned in Paper-Pencil Exam Transfer of credits to CBT Auditing Auditing & Attestation Law & Professional Responsibilities Business Environment & Concepts Accounting & Reporting Regulation Financial Accounting & Reporting Financial Accounting & Reporting
A series of suggestions designed to "condition" the subconscious mind to be more receptive to specific ideas.
All the experiences of a body-mind organism, over which it has no control, of its entire environment (parents, family, society, culture, geography, school, etc.) which form the patterns and responses of the brain; see body-mind organism, brain, ego, programming
Treatment of cattle by vaccination and other means prior to putting them in the feedlot.
Any treatment or combination of treatments to a water supply, such as softening, Iron removal, or filtration.
Treatment of radioactive waste to put it in a more stable form.
The act of exposing BOBBINS of FILLING YARN to steam or to a spray of conditioning solution in order to set the twist, to remove kinks from the YARN, and to prevent its kinking in subsequent processes.
A necessary pre-Trial work program to build up endurance and physical stamina.
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To soak new Rockwool in an acidic solution to lower the pH from 8.0 to 5.5.
the art and science of putting roosters into proper fighting condition.
smoothes out variations in power by pumping up the voltage when it drops and stepping it down when it's too high
Slang name for the terms and conditions of a particular game variation at a brick and mortar casino.
transformation of organic matter into a more palatable form for invertebrates.
A primary dataset is conditioned on secondary data when conditions are imposed on the secondary data that slice the primary data. This is used to look for interactions between the datasets.
change in an organism in response to environmental conditions; these changes help the organism survive Conduits area areas in the landscape along which water, animals, plants, and people move
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Improving the filtering qualities of the filter feed.
With the aim to improve Conditioning is an adjustment made to the electrical characteristics of a cable pair to improve its performance for a specific use.
An extended charge given to a storage battery to ensure complete restoration of active materials in all the plates of the cells.
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An essential part of human life. It takes mainly part in the white areas of the Body Graph.
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See 'backgrounding'.
are exercises and activities that are used to increase strength and performance.
Equipment and operations used to give steel products the required appearance after shaping (leveling, cutting, etc.).
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See time-in-sample effects.