Definitions for "Forming"
The act or process of giving form or shape to anything; as, in shipbuilding, the exact shaping of partially shaped timbers.
Part of the turning process in glove manufacture. Enhances the appearance and straightens seams that otherwise might cause discomfort.
The portion of the glass fiber production process where the fibers are drawn, attenuated from molten glass, and collected in forming cakes.
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Any process designed to convert catalyst precursor mixtures into useful solid forms.
Initial electrical charging for converting the active masses into the charged state (e.g. PbSO4 - Pb (-) und PbO2 (+) ).
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See 'Postforming'.
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Artisan forming entails forming by hand in a gentle manner to allow for changes in the consistency of the dough.
The first stage of team development, where the team is formed and the objectives for the team are set.
One of the five stages in the development of a group. In this stage team members are concerned with the belonging, acceptance and rejection that they may encounter with other team members. They will also be oriented with the task set before them, and get to know who is who.
the first stage of team development in which team members meet each other, form initial impressions, and begin to establish team norms
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Deposition of Gold.