Definitions for "Raising"
The operation of embossing sheet metal, or of forming it into cup-shaped or hollow articles, by hammering, stamping, or spinning.
The art of compressing the metal to form the desired shape. Raised work is done from the outside, over stakes, rather than from the inside. Raised pieces are very easy to keep symmetrical, have a strength not common to domed, dished and welded pieces, and are far more difficult to create. See books on silversmithing for the best instruction (but you'll need to anneal the metal differently and use much heavier hammers).
Technique of making metal hollow-ware. A flat disc of metal is hammered over an anvil-like stake to gradually raise the sides to the required shape and depth.
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Reeding Régence
The movement of a subject from an embedded clause to a matrix clause.
In Transformational Grammar and other derived grammatical frameworks, raising is the name given to a construction in which a linguistic element that belongs semantically to a subordinate clause is found as a constituent of a higher clause. For example, in Jack seems to be very popular, the noun phrase Jack is semantically the subject of the predicate be very popular, but syntactically it is the subject of seem.
raising someone to be an accepted member of the community; "they debated whether nature or nurture was more important"
a ceremony held for Accepted who are deemed ready for the shawl
The act of lifting, setting up, elevating, exalting, producing, or restoring to life.
the event of something being raised upward; "an elevation of the temperature in the afternoon"; "a raising of the land resulting from volcanic activity"
a process of using a fine comb to raise the surface of a fabric, giving it a soft finish.
The Production Of A Layer Of Protruding Fibres On The Surface Of Fabrics By Brushing, Teazing, Or Rubbing.
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increasing in quantity or value; "a cost-raising increase in the basic wage rate"
When a player has already bet in a betting round, another player may raise this bet - i.e. he matches the previous bet and bets an additional amount.
To increase the amount of the bet. Each raise must be at least the amount of the original bet or the last raise. Only three raises are allowed per round of betting unless there are only two players remaining in the hand. If only two players remain, there is no limit to the number of raises that are allowed. Checking and then raising or re-raising after another player bets is allowed.
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The act of resurrecting a character.
removing lower branches to provide clearance.
the properties acquired as a consequence of the way you were treated as a child
a very interesting illustration of team work
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Specifically, the operation or work of setting up the frame of a building; as, to help at a raising.