Definitions for "Pre-treatment"
one method of pre-treatment involves lightly damaging the seed coat to allow water uptake necessary for germination. Usually heat or abrasion (rubbing the seed coat with sandpaper) are used - e.g. with Acacia seeds. Pre-treatment for seeds of some plants involves chilling seeds (cold, moist stratification).
The chemical alteration of a surface to make it suitable for application of paint or powder. The process usually includes cleaning and applying a conversion coating.
A process prior to painting in which the steel or aluminium substrate is cleaned and treated with a solution (usually) of corrosion inhibiting chemicals such as acid phosphates or chromate's. Can also be used to describe flame or electrical treatment of plastic prior to coating.
Processes used to reduce or eliminate wastewater pollutants from before they are discharged.
BMPs that provide storage and filtering of pollutants before they enter another BMP for additional filtering, settling, and/or processing of stormwater pollutants.
Taking medicine before being exposed to a trigger to lessen the effect of the trigger on asthma symptoms.