Definitions for "Stripper"
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A metal or Urethane plate or tube used to push the work piece off the punch when perforating. This is so the work piece does not travel upward as the punch is withdrawn.
an organ donor, only good for scrap or salvaging parts to keep other bikes alive
Any of a number of products designed to dissolve paint. Useful for stripping paint off a model you want to repaint. A good brand is Bix Stripper, available at hardware and department stores like Wal-Mart. Safe for most resin and vinyl, but test on a scrap piece first, and follow all directions carefully.
a solvent or chemical solution used to remove coatings of paint, varnish, lacquer, etc. prior to refinishing a surface.
A tool or chemical used to remove insulation material from wire or cable.
A chemical compound, in jelly or liquid form used to remove old or damaged paint.
a person (usually a woman) who strips off her clothes as an entertainment performance; one who does a strip-tease; -- also called an ecdysiast, exotic dancer, or strip-teaser.
a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music
a person, usually a woman, who sheds her clothes in a seductive manner for money
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a tower without a reboiler
A device with a resilient elastomeric element used to effect a seal in the annulus. This device is used primarily to isolate well pressure from the atmosphere when injection or extracting the coiled tubing in live wellbores.
an oil well whose production has declined to less than ten barrels a day
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Someone who exposes his or her nude or semi-nude body for money.
Someone who exposees their nude or semi-nude body for money.
A harvesting machine that strips the seed from the stalks of grain plants.
a low cost cereal harvester that is well suited to small farms
a machine for stripping cards.
The small roller in a CARDING MACHINE which takes the cotton from the WORKER and in turn gives it to the CARDING DRUM.
a worker who strips the stems from moistened tobacco leaves and binds the leaves together into books
A distillation column that has no rectifying section. In such a column, the feed enters at the top, and there is no other reflux.
The person responsible for assembling film as specified by a customer.
A person whose job it is to position film negatives or positives on flats in preparation for platemaking.
Person who strips negatives.
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A cow that has nearly stopped giving milk, so that it can be obtained from her only by stripping.
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a different animal
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One who, or that which, strips;