Definitions for "Engraver"
a skilled craftsperson who engraves a die.
a craftsman who engraves a die.
a person who engraves designs on metal etc
A skilled worker who can inscribe designs or writing onto a surface by carving or etching. While the BEPâ€(tm)s engravers take advantage of the latest printing, production and examining technologies, they also continue to use the same traditional tools that have been used for over 125 years - the graver, the burnisher, and the hand-held glass.
a printmaker who prints from an engraved printing plate
Motorized etching tool used to engrave names on bowling ball.
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Beetle which feeds in the phloem-cambium region of woody plants, often scoring or engraving adjacent sapwood tissues.[1
A company or a machine that does engraving. In the absorbent tissue paper industry, the word is most often used to mean a company which supplies engraved embossing rollers.
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a person who engages in Ebgraving
a person who engages in engraving
a person responsible for creating dies with specific designs
A person who 'cuts' or engraves the dies used in producing elongates.
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One who engraves; a person whose business it is to produce engraved work, especially on metal or wood.