Definitions for "Bep"
Bureau of Employment Programs; Business Enterprise Program
Biotechnology Exploitation Platform. These are consortiums funded by the Department of Trade and Industry's Biotechnology Directorate under the Biotechnology Exploitation Platform Challenge. Their aim is to create new opportunities for the exploitation of intellectual property arising from publicly funded bioscience research in the UK through the capture and protection of IP, and the creation of new and viable IP portfolios. There are two BEP consortiums active in the Yorkshire and Humber region, the White Rose BEP and Yorkshire BioEnterprise BEP. There is currently 1 glossary entry for this letter.
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
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Brevet d'Études Professionnelles (Certificate of vocational studies)
The basic earning power (BEP) ratio indicates the earning power of a company's assets before the influence of interest payments and taxes. It is calculated by dividing EBIT by total assets.
Basic Education Program. 1985 legislation that began a more comprehensive view of basic educational programming in the public schools of North Carolina. It included a K-12 curriculum plan, recommended staffing, support programs, class size, definition of an instructional day, and rigorous standards for student achievement. Though never fully funded or implemented, the BEP created a beginning framework for school reform in the state.
Below Elbow Prosthesis. A prosthesis utilized for acquired amputations or congenital absences of the hand or forearm below the elbow.
file that has been compressed with geo BE. It can be used on GEOS that have geoBEAP installed.
Backend Processor, digital signal processor and control processor which packetizes data for downlink and controls the CCDs.
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see break-even point.
Break-Even Period
break even point. non-taxable income
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The back end paste-down. rds. Boards (covers of a hardcover book).
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Back End Processes