Definitions for "Small Business Development Centers"
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The statewide contact is Dr. Becky Naugle, Director of Kentucky Small Business Center, Center for Entrepreneurship, 225F Gatton College of Bus. and Econ. Bldg., University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506 Office Phone: (859) 257-7744, Office Fax: (859) 323-1907 or [email protected] There are SBDC field offices, serving all of Kentucky, which provide counseling to small businesses and startups. Look also at for additional resources available to small businesses and business startups.
SBDCs offer one-stop assistance for small businesses by providing a wide variety of information and guidance in central and easily accessible branch locations. The program is a cooperative effort among the private sector, the educational community, and federal, state and local governments. It enhances economic development by providing small business management and technical assistance.
SBDCs offer a broad spectrum of business information and guidance as well as assistance in preparing loan applications.