Definitions for "BIC"
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A bank identifier code used to route wires through the SWIFT network.
Bank Identifier Code A universal code, issued by SWIFT, for identifying financial institutions. It assists in the automation of payment messages in banking and related financial environments.
it is an 8 or 11-digit combination of letters and numbers, which allows the identification of the beneficiary's bank upon processing international payment (also known as a SWIFT code).
APPE Business Intelligence Committee. For more information, click here
Business Initiative Council
BUSINESS INFORMATION CENTER. One of more than 50 specialized Small Business Administration units which offer the latest in high-technology hard-ware, software and telecommunications to assist small business PLUS one-on-one counseling with seasoned business veterans through the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE). Each BIC offers elec-tronic bulletin boards, computer data bases, on-line information exchange, periodicals and brochures, counseling, video tapes, reference materials, texts, start-up guides, application software, computer tutorials and interactive media.
is an abbreviation for the Bushveld Igneous Complex in South Africa, the source of most of the world's platinum, a significant producer of palladium, and other platinum group metals (PGMs) as well as chrome
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BIF Borrower fallout
Bahrain International Circuit
Bayesian Information Criterion.
Well known French brand of boards. For more information see our board buyers guide.
Battlefield induced contaminants. Contaminants, such as smoke from burning targets and dust raised by bomb impacts, that hide the target scene.
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makes disposable razors
Bus Interface Controller
Backplane Interface Connector
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See IC. BIC is an in-game message usually following a player-to-player (OOC) message.
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Bid Bid asked spread