Definitions for "RTO"
Regional Transmission Organization. An independent governing body that coordinates power generation and transmission within an integrated regional market. The RTO projects the hourly load requirements for the markets it serves, collects bids from generators, and dispatches plants to provide energy, reserve capacity and power regulation services. Based on the bids received, the RTO determines an hourly price for each service. The market-clearing price is charged to all net users of the service and paid to all net suppliers. The RTO also serves as a clearinghouse for payments between generators, utilities and end users.
Regional Transmission Organization. An organization designated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to direct operation of the regional electric transmission grid in its area, as well as to serve as the independent operator of the regional electric market.
An organization that generally integrates the ISOs, which tend to be state-specific, into larger, regional operations and oversight organizations.
Recovery Time Objective. The period of time within which systems, applications, or functions must be recovered after an outage (e.g. one business day). RTOs are often used as the basis for the development of recovery strategies, and as a determinant as to whether or not to implement the recovery strategies during a disaster situation. Similar Terms: Maximum Allowable Downtime
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RECOVERY TIME OBJECTIVE. RTO is the maximum acceptable length of time that can elapse before the unavailability of a business function severely impacts the business entity. The RTO is comprised of two components: a) the time before a disaster is declared, during which time the impact begins, is recognized and is identified, and b) the time to perform the tasks documented in the disaster recovery plan for resumption of the critical business functions.
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Thermal Regenerative Oxidizers — An alternative method for VOCs removal involving the firing of natural gas into the flue gases in order to combust or thermally oxidize the VOCs into CO2, NOx, SOx, and H2O. Although for small gas flow applications, the thermal oxidation techniques may be of lower capital cost, they have the disadvantage of having a high operating cost due to their high fuel consumption required to destroy the VOCs.
Radio Telephone Operation
Radio Telephone Operator, the chap who carries the radio for the unit.
Technician who has passed the American Board of Certification in Orthotics & Prosthetics standards for both orthotic and mastectomy fitting and completes mandatory continuing education requirements and adheres to the Canons of Ethical Conduct.
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Runners Thrown Out
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Reverse Take-Over. When a company buys out a larger company, but could also...
When a company buys out a larger company, but could also occasionally refer to a private company taking over a publicly listed company.
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Rent to Own
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return to office
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Rate base Real assets