Definitions for "RECOVERY STRATEGY"
An approach by an organization that will ensure its recovery and continuity in the face of a disaster or other major outage. Plans and methodologies are determined by the organizations strategy. There may be more than one methodology or solution for an organizations strategy. Examples of methodologies and solutions include, contracting for Hotsite or Coldsite, building an internal Hotsite or Coldsite, identifying an Alternate Work Area, a Consortium or Reciprocal Agreement, contracting for Mobile Recovery or Crate and Ship, and many others.
a written strategy to implement the Forest Service portion of recovery objectives identified in an approved FWS Recovery Plan, or to implement interim Forest Service objectives in the absence of an approved Recovery Plan
a recovery strategy is a document that outlines the long-term goals and short-term objectives for recovering a species at risk, based on the best available scientific baseline information.
A way of felling resourceful and generating new choices when you fell stuck or under pressure.