Definitions for "LEAD-TIME"
The time it takes to produce a single product, from the time of customer order entry to shipment.
A span of time required to perform an activity. In a logistics context, the time between recognition of the need for a product or service and its receipt. Individual elements of lead time can include: order preparation time, order transmittal time, queue time, manufacturing or order preparation time, transportation time, receiving and inspection time. In other words, purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, receiving, and quality inspection are individual lead-time activities.
time between order and delivery, installation or commencement of a product or service.
A misleading factor that may lead one to think that screening causes increased survival when it does not. If an average person only survives 5 years with a particular cancer, but if diagnosed 5 years earlier, they may show 10 years survival when in fact they are not surviving longer with the cancer, they are just aware of it longer.