Definitions for "Resumption"
The process of planning for and/or implementing the restarting of defined business operations following a disaster, usually beginning with the most critical or time-sensitive functions and continuing along a planned sequence to address all identified areas required by the business. 1) The step or stage after the impacted infrastructure, data, communications and environment has been successfully re-established at an alternate location.
continuing the evaluation of a suspended generator. See also suspension.
Bringing systems back to operational status following a disaster.
The act of resuming; as, the resumption of a grant, of delegated powers, of an argument, of specie payments, etc.
The taking again into the king's hands of such lands or tenements as he had granted to any man on false suggestions or other error.
The process under which a landlord can, with the approval of the Land Court reclaim croft land.
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see "expropriation".
The reopening the following day of specific futures and options markets that also trade during the evening session at the Chicago Board of Trade.
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beginning again